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StopPress 31-12-2019 As of midnight we don't SELL any AXELOS/ Peoplecert exams. We gave up being an ATO. Its less about ensuring our comptence than dictating we sell exams. Now they require 'Accredited' trainers to sell their exam to everyone wanting (just?) knowledge. We have always prized the how to DO over how to pass an exam cram & we think its your choice if you want to do an exam so we are no longer *A*TO: just a competent one. We give away for free some of what was previously our accredited courses (see youtube - & scroll down!). They decreed that we can't sell training without forcing you to buy an exam as well; thats expensive and I think thats unethical, imoral and probably an abuse of monoploly position that the Competetion Authority should examine - but has not yet agreed to

As of 2021 I keep finding tidy-up changes to make but anything that says we sell exams is now wrong.

Access a library of courses from micro-learning such as 7 minutes to Create a Comms Plan to 20 hours of PRINCE2 (and 10 hours of PRINCE2Agile) exam Prep Video. Also included are 'how to run projects' for people not career PMs, plus dual-speed courses like the Risk course: a 15min whizz-through video course with a 12hr in-depth video reference resource behind it. Also Estimating skills, Basics of PM for people with a day job, How to be a Project Sponsor, pre-2021 PMP/ CaPM exam prep and more.

Iffn you're wondering "Why does it say 'almost' above - what's the catch?" Well I don't think it's a catch but I've yet to make all courses into narrated video delivery - it's a rolling program of development - and if you want to book an AXELOS exam - you'll have to go direct to peoplecert (or perhaps your here 'cos you have a voucher from one of the 'box shifter' (crap) training companies and need a course with competent content?).

You can do the core content of studyig once accredited P2 & P2Agile using our materials designed and proven to save you the cost and time of reading the official manual (at least at foundation level) for £5/mth - How great is that! - When we were an ATO we had a 100% pass at foundation and 100% satisfaction at F & P level. People DO fail practioner - the exam is tough - and not 'real-world' imho (Judge for yourself Here).

Iffn you're wondering "and why do the individual courses have prices even when they are in the £5 bundle?" Well if you buy a course like Risk at £39.00 then you've life-time access to the training, templates, support etc. If you subscribe to the bundle you'll have the same access for as long as you stay subscribed.

Our 2speed courses both use the same workbook. For a What-To FastTrack course and the detailed How-To MasterClass - You can do the whole 'WhatTo' in half hour then study the detailed 'HowTo' for just your gaps (or do the detail then get an overview recap!). MasterClasses average 10hrs detailed content

'Early Career' & up-skilling refeshers - combining agile practices with traditional PRINCE2® governance

Courses that provide foundations to build on as your career progresses (or fill gaps in modern practices). Study will give you confidence & ability :) and will help with exam passes (independent objective proof of your capabilities and demonstrate your career enhancing investments in yourself [and P2A *does* cover what you need to be a project manager - unlike Prince2, which is a PMO's control framework not a PM's tool-kit]).

PRINCE2agile is Great for bringing your CV/Resume to the top of the pile and for helping negotiations in future pay and development discussions.
& is great for you if you want to add a 'popular agile' credential to your experience.

>Accidental Project Managers needing help not certification please look >>>here<<< (opens in new window)

NOTE: We don't offer PRINCE2 exams. Prince2 never was a project managers tool - thats why "p2 in name only" was so true for many organiations. BUT as a PMO person its great value. It tells you how to set-up governance.
If you're a PM then you need PRINCE2agile (and) or PMBoK-Guide training.
NOTE too: PRINCE2 is a CONTROL framework so suited to PMO staff needs. If you are a PMO person then P2 is great for light-weight 'how-to' advice on placing controls into projects whether agile or waterfall - See the p2 materials in the £5 bundle and see our PMO Courses.

As noted above we stopped offering PRINCE2Agile® exams. We also recommend that the Foundation course is enough to go use p2a at work; practitioner doesn't extend your knowledge in much of a job-competent way although recruitment agencies might be more impressed. If you buy the Site-Wide-Membership bundle you'll have access to both sets of training materials and so can make you're mind up at your own pace about the knowldge you need snd the courses are very good exam prep too.

PRINCE2-Agile® puts two job-finding and promotion-assisting competencies on every PM's CV/Resume in one go. Biggest bang for the smallest buck.

Fully instructor supported eLearning on demand. 100% video coverage of the syllabus. Extensive revision aids - Designed to make reading the manual unnecessary.

Want *ALL* our courses for just £5 per month? See the Site-Wide-Membership

More 'Early' credentials - PRINCE2 and 6th ed. PMP (including CAPM)

PMBoK-Guide is an extensive collection of processes, tools and techniques "required on most projects most of the time". The PRINCE and 6th edition PMBoK-Guides are completely compatible, highly complementary and almost entirely non-overlapping. Both integrate well with agile methods. 7th ed. is philosophically agile with 6th ed.'s content monved online./p>

Uniquely our courses for either discuss and integrate all three because your work-place is not narrowly limited to one book's view of the world. We are also very-careful to seperate out your pure-exam needs when taking a real-world view-point.

PRINCE2 is great for governance and structure, PMBoK-Guide is great for tools and techniques but takes a mostly pro-active and predictive view of projects. When your world is not simple, certain, stable and clear but is emergent it is useful to merge agile mindsets, techniques and controls for rapid reactive control and solution exploration.


  • PMBoK-Guide is examined at two levels:
    • PMP (Project Management Professional) requires 3,500 hours of auditable experience.
    • CAPM (Certified Associate Project Manager) has no pre-requisistes.
  • PRINCE2 foundation has no prerequisistes. Achieveing PRINCE2 practitioner requires you hold P2-Foundation.
  • If your a project manager our PRINCE2 course DOES tell you what the manual and syllabus omit - IE HOW to do most tasks vital to the PM role - Planning, Reporting, Facilitating meetings, etc. If you want a credential I recommend PRINCE2agile because of its contents and because of the hype attached to agile.
  • If your a PMO person then PRINCE2 is suited to you - because P2 is a PMO tool NOT a project manager's tool. Our 'old' p2-2017 materials are still much broader thah the exam syllabus in ways useful to you. I still recommend P2a if wanting a credential

'Senior Change Professional' - Transformational Leadership

Logical Model's program for change leaders.

Join a cross organization, cross-industry group of experience individuals develop each other through a structured, guided ladder of learning opportunities.

Projects deliver outputs. Definitions of the project manager's role are broadly similar in every source. BUT A program manager's role definition varies widely between industries and organisation. The range covers 'Mega-projects' (eg delivering a Bridge or an aircraft carrier) to organisational transformational leadership that delivers outcomes and benefits.

Delivering outcomes is a profoundly different role to the role of the project manager but most published guidance is overly focussed on product development factors

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Logical Model's library of training modules.

Courses range in size from our PMP/ CaPM and PRINCE2agile which are upto 100hrs study to Businesss Case which is under 15mins of 1-2-1 consulting for micro-learning at your specific time of need. Do you have to facilitate creation of your sponsor's business case? Here is a quick-check and confidence booster - How do you approach the task, What should you have covered? We'll explore the Quality Criteria of a good Business Case so you can be confident - No more 'Imposter Syndrome'. Want to fully understand Net Present Value before being grilled by the finance director? One of our many topic specific modules is focussed on just that to bring you up to speed.

Need some estimates? The team (including the steering committee) need to know how to create and use estimates. Here is 45mins guidance. Plus a deeper dive if you want more. Ditto Risk, Quality, Comms. All the key skills a PM and PMO person needs.

We are an AXELOS Accredited Training Organisation for PRINCE2agile (We dropped PRINCE2 as a seperate product as why would anyone now go for 1/2 the package!? (see p2a above)
AXELOS exam vouchers sold seperately

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