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Courses for every career stage from 1st project role to leading transformations (&Free stuff at the end)

'Early Career' - combining agile practices with traditional governance

Courses that provide foundations to build on as your career progresses, study will give you confidence, exam passes are independent objective proof of your capabilities and demonstrate your career enhancing investments in your self.

Great for bringing your CV/ Resume to the top of the pile and for helping negotiations in future pay and development discussions.

Great for you if you want to add a credential to your experience. Accidental Project Managers please look >>>here<<< (new window)

PRINCE2-Agile® puts two core competencies on your CV/Resume in one go. Biggest bang for the smallest buck.

Fully instructor supported eLearning on demand. 100% video coverage of the syllabus. Extensive revision aids - Designed to make reading the manual unnecessary.

More 'Early' credentials - PRINCE2 and PMP (including CAPM)

PRINCE2 is the world's most widely used project control framework. If your career path is PMO then (imho) PRINCE2 is much more for you than it is for Project Managers! It says "What to do when and by who" but little of "How". There are two ways to cover the 'How'-gap. Using agile methods and using tools and techniques from 'The Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK®-Guide)'.

PMBoK-Guide is an extensive collection of processes, tools and techniques "required on most projects most of the time". The PRINCE and PMBoK-Guides are completely compatible, highly complementary and almost entirely non-overlapping. Both integrate well with agile methods.

Uniquely our courses for either discuss and integrate all three because your work-place is not narrowly limited to one book's view of the world. We are also very-careful to seperate out your pure-exam needs when taking a real-world view-point.

PRINCE2 is great for governance and structure, PMBoK-Guide is great for tools and techniques but takes a mostly pro-active and predictive view of projects. When your world is not simple, certain, stable and clear but is emergent it is useful to merge agile mindsets, techniques and controls for rapid reactive control and solution exploration.


  • PMBoK-Guide is examined at two levels:
    • PMP (Project Management Professional) requires 3,500 hours of auditable experience.
    • CAPM (Certified Associate Project Manager) has no pre-requisistes.
  • PRINCE2 foundation has no prerequisistes. Achieveing PRINCE2 practitioner requires you hold P2-Foundation.

'Senior Change Professional' - Transformational Leadership

Logical Model's program for change leaders.

Join a cross organization, cross-industry group of experience individuals develop each other through a structured, guided ladder of learning opportunities.

Projects deliver outputs. Definitions of the project manager's role are broadly similar in every source. BUT A program manager's role definition varies widely between industries and organisation. The range covers 'Mega-projects' (eg delivering a Bridge or an aircraft carrier) to organisational transformational leadership that delivers outcomes and benefits.

Delivering outcomes is a profoundly different role to the role of the project manager but most published guidance is overly focussed on product development factors

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