is dedicated to improving the state of the art in project management. That is the MISSION. Mission is enduring a reason and a direction rather than a destination.

We have a vision (long term but still ephemeral, targets, current objectives, visions, as achieved support and deliver contribution to the mission).

The state of the art will improve when 'projects' cease to be the topic that people in think of when dealing with change. When the start, middle and end are seen to be care of investments that implement a VISION to support the mission then we will have turned a corner. Then projects won't be about sprints or Gantt charts (although both will still have a place. Instead projects will be able taking a group of people to a better place than they would be without the project's journey.

We have a FREE Course that covers where projects fit in organisations (newWindow)

To get the whole topic right what we need is/are:

  1. Tools, outlook, technique for the Boardroom to express vision and follow through issue resolution and benefits initiation, benefits ramp-up, stabalized harvesting of benefits and eventually capital reclamation and re-investment. Here Dimension Four, Outcome Delivery and New_Generation_Thinking offer directors what is needed to leverage investments in program and project management with well built portfolios. CAS (Complex Adaptive Systems thinking) must be a constant filter on how we see the world and react to it. We might include Latour's ANT, Cooke-Davies survey of success and more.
  2. Tools (etc.) for change managers and operational managers to translate vision into business-as-usual cyclic procedures by delegating business design and escalating issues. Here little competes with PRINCE2 except p2's own (deserved) reputation. The reputation isn't deserved because its accurate- it isn't - but because training to pass exams not to develop capability has created an army of people with a qualification that added little linked capabilit. P2 is GREAT when used with insight and appreciation of CAS. We must include all of Ackoff's observations about messes and Rittle's Wicked Problems, IBIS and dialogue Conklin's mapping
  3. (etc.) for coal-face experts to define and or build the artefacts and procedures of the future-state-of-business-as-usual using the most appropriate product development cycles. For projects the insights within the PMBoK Guide and Agile help us plan and track; they fill the communications pipe-work that p2 builds, CAS (Complex Adaptive systems thinking) informs much of what we should do to 'control' reactively or pro actively. has a route map A}} Basic process and vocabulary knowledge is achieved by reaching the standard needed to pass the PRINCE2 and PMP exams at foundation, practitioner and agile practitioner level THEN B}} the discussion can start about how to really be sucessful as a manager of change and IN PARALLEL C}} the education of the boardroom in how to be project owners; no this isn't project sponsorship. This is owning a mission and a vision and progressing it through its journey to benefits and recycled capital. I better be explicit here that capital comes in many forms - people, peoples skills, people's shared values, peoples shared ways of doing stuff (aka 'procedure'), people's views of what is right or acceptable (aka culture and fashion) as well as plant, buildings, machinery and money.