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For unenrolled students who are still evaluating before committing:...

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  • Some guidance on the available try-before-you-buy pre-views. Preview lessons include
    • Video **#1-Welcome** this one giving context, #2-The journey, #3-Course contents, #4-9 the Overview chapter's entire contents, #10 a reinforcement quiz and #24 is about accessing help
    • Exam Question Analysis in Ss2 s21 Paper1 Qn3 a first (simple) and also **#45 and #77 and #87 and #120 which are harder exam questions' analysis** (as are over 20 included in paid access to the materials)
    • The 8 Guidance Points in Ss3 s28,
    • The p2 procedural flow on a page in Ss3 s32 which is revision of assumed existing knowledge for p2a students as is #183 the CS to MP interface. axelos exam entry pre-requisites include PMP, CAPM, and IPMA qualifications. The included p2 materials will bring you up to speed quickly from a non-p2 background.
    • **#69**-A lesson header with full section pod-cast download & matched EqA (exam Question Analysis) at #77. Other free headers at #50, #163, #171, #178
    • Two extensive summaries of the course at **Lessons #63 & #218 / #219**.
    • #134 is an example of a Revision Aid, in this case 54 Things in Threes, also **Revision aids at #126 & #170, #175.
    • Unenrolled students can also study the whole of Video Section-18 (#135-144) on scrum's use in p2a.
    • An example of the the 17 exercises and case study included in full materials is at #143
    • and Finally the 'Who are we' videos at #227 & #228
    • The Full list of free videos is 1,2,3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10q, 16, EqA21, 24, 28, 32, EqA45, hdr50, summary-63, 115 & 117, 120, ra126, Ex143, end-17, ch-18 on Scrum, 151, hdr163, ra170, Hdr171, 174, ra175, hdr178, p2cs&mp183, ra200, hdr203-ApdxA-B, CrsSummary218 & 219, Contact 221, Companyprofile-223 & 228 and end of Course 227

I Suggest You Do Stuff in Sequence

NB my presumption is that when you are enrolled you'll progress through units in the order given. That way you will never encounter an abbreviation or concept that has not already been explained.

When previewing as an unenrolled student you will be exposed to concepts that will have been explained in material not accessible until you enrol :-( Also in preview you will be missing elements of exercises, case-study and practice exam questions linked to what you might be studying in the materials. Several free access units do allow you to see what the full journey includes.

WOT! No Money Back 100% Pass Guarentee! Pah!!

No. But I'll treat you right, read on...

Evaluate, Decide, COMMIT

I have made extensive elements available to you to trial because I think (hope) that you will only want to commit your time and money where you are sure that your instructor's explanations are each complete and precise and together comprehensive, also sequenced logically and delivered clearly, also well focused on the exam's particular difficulties and broader for post exam needs and accomodate your needs if your PRINCE2 is rusty or you come to p2a from a PMI or I-APM background.

IN TOTAL we deliver at exam standard for diverse backgrounds.

You can never get the time back so don't be seduced by a course promising a refund only to find later that it lacks detail or clear and reliable explaination.
Investigate first then commit.

NOTE: our course is free with with an exam booking.

AXELOS' fee means the exam is unavoidably expensive - we think we are cheapest - but the real cost is investing your time.

If others don't let you make the judgement before you buy even a refund doesn't give you your time back. Thats the ploy. "Its safe, get your money back (but by then your inertia is what keeps you locked-in)".

Also beware of "guarenteed pass". It means 'We only give you live exam access when you pass our internal test'. Instead we give you the 'priveledge' of deciding when you are ready. We offer the internal test but we don't demand it; you're option; your an adult, you decide and we will support.

So I'm NOT offering refunds because you can never get your time back! But I am supporting plenty of try-before you buy access. I want you to see how thorough we are then make a full commitment, including to your self that you then stick with - Recognising your own commitment is a component of how you get to your own exam success.

This exam is tough and it is very worthwhile. Achievement will take YOUR effort and **commitment**.

Contact me if you need support.
Hey Simon I need help...

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