>>>>>>>> Development's High Water Mark >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 292-299 ss19 V3 to V9 Network Diagram

Hello :-)

Simon Here - This is as far as I've currently got with the course materials. As you can see from the curiculum's outline the majority of recording is DONE!!!!

From here on is still "Work - in - Progress " - In the case of this Sub-Section the script is Recorded not edited or loaded. The whole script to th every end is drafted so what isn't recorded is ready to go.

Why th epause in development? Well two factors 1) Current project work is taking many of my hours (I'm writing this on a Saturday morning) and 2) TSO / axelos recently asked me to review the new manual and it changes lots of the references I'd very carefully aligned between course, syllabus and manual. I've some thinking to do about how to give you the best guidance that will last into the future and not become dated.

Simon Nov 2016

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