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Estimating Well is Easy when you AND YOUR Audience know how to create and consume them.

Managing projects is often called the 'accidental profession'
and in truth many people's fluency with the basic tools and techniques are at about the accidental level. Estimating is perhaps the place where the problems pile-up the most.

This is a short course about what an estimate is and how to use estimates. Once these two factors are understood by the giver AND the reciever then creating useful, reliable estimate that are 100% accurate 100% of the time is easy (the answer to this 'conundrum' is to understand precision)

This course is available NOW as instructor led virtual or physical classroom training.
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Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember but let me DO and I understand

The Instructor led class does, and the video class will include multiple 'Industrial Strength' estimating challenges that drive-home the lessons. This course has been enjoyed live by people repairing the UK Navy's ships, by people writing software for communications satalites and many other disciplines between.