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The Accidental Project Manager
How to run projects (When you also have a day job)

If you are one of the many people find them selves with a project to coordinate as a side-line to
your regular day job this course is for you.

It draws some inspiration from the 'proper' way to do things so you can feel confident, support and encourage collegues to contribute at a pragmatic level and show management (or auditors) that a competent approach is in use without being burdensome. The idea is "you can get 80% of the result with 20% of the insight".

Best practices are drawn from 'agile' and 'traditional' approaches.

What we cover is: Engage folk to insppire confidence and engagement, determine results required and an approach to deliver them, balance demands with available resources and timescales, market your initiative for smoother acceptance, assessing and report status and adjusting things to stay on target and finally closing the project angle down and transitioning results into operational benefits

This course is available NOW as instructor led virtual or physical classroom training.
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