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Managing Projects With Microsoft Project and Earned Value

Microsoft project is more complex to use than driving a car!
To use it takes a little training to understand how your project is represented internally and a little practice to learn to navigate the complexities.

(Don't have MS-Pj? No problem, use the compatible freeware alternative)

Our course is 'how to plan and manage a project plus use MS-Pj'. Most courses on MS-Pj are just "this button does this...", ours is "When you need to...then here are the steps...", We are task focused - See the free preview below.

It is not difficult, with guidance to arrive at a point where MS-Pj is an asset that gives you insight rather than a pain-in-th-a*se drawing tool required by management for meaningless pictures. Load tasks, load dependencies and planned resource use plus track progress achieved and then you can then report status in Earned Value with no extra work (also know in agile circles as Burn-Down charts)

This course is available NOW as instructor led (Physical or virtual) or blended learning event, please call +44 (0) 84 52 57 57 07 or eMail mspj@LogicalModel.Net
to book an onsite course or register interest in a public open course

The full instructor led slide-deck may be pre-viewed in the first lesson below

The eLearning version will be available in 2017

Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember but let me DO and I understand

Course materials include an 'Industrial Strength' simulation of project planning and status tracking using the Lunar Imaging System Case Study.

Having built the resourced and levelled schedule this scenario assumes spending money to protect schedule is senior management's priority.

Other scenarios suffer changes to labour rates, enjoy re-use of old designs to speed development time (until the design's gaps are discovered!) and more. One might even finish under budget and early :) but it is optional.


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