M1 L1 V s1-2 Hello, Welcome! Lets get oriented - Sprint Zero!

Below the video is a little orientation :-)
I'm Simon - my intro is in Module 1 Lesson 4's comment section where I hope you'll add yours :-)

Some navigation housekeeping - so we can refer to the resources you have

  • In the title (see above?) "M1" means Module 1
    • Modules contain Lessons "L" which may be Exercises "Ex" and "CaseStudy "CS" Revisions Aids "RA" and Video "V" or Text "T"
    • Items are numbered in sequence with type eg "M1 L1 Ex" and "M1 L2 RA" etc etc
    • Modules and lessons numbered M1 L1 etc are the Instructor led videos and linked activities that should be accessed sequentially for a complete and carefully crafted journey to exam success - This way concepts are explained before use
    • The easiest navigation between sequential lessons is the purple "Complete and Continue" bar at the top of the web-page
  • Some modules are Online Reference materials (OR) or Downloads (DL) or Exam Simulations (EX)
  • Item one of module OR) - so "OR L1 RA" (see the lessons list - probably on the left of the screen? You may need to scroll?) contains all the course's animated slides
    • Its animated and searchable and iOS and Android friendly and extensively hyperlinked
  • Module DL) contains the downloads
    • Included are pdfs of the slides & explanatory notes pages (Searchable, Table of Contents and Hyperlinked)
    • Also exam workbooks (but see EX), Revision Aids, Case study materials etc
  • Module EX) is Online Exam Simulations - find them in the Lessons list on the left. You may have to scroll the list of modules and lessons to see them
  • The course primarily runs through the Instructor Led Webinars
    • A number of video recordings are loaded into each module. Typically under 10 minutes. Instructor led video explanations of each course topic are presented as lessons that follow on from their predecessor sequentially
      • I'd like feed-back - I've aimed for bite-sized chunks - Should they be shorter, longer, different some how? - What do you think works best?
  • CRUCIAL (in my humble opinion) is that you set yourself a regime & schedule
    • To do that you have to know what you have to cover. So either whizz through the animated slides or the pages of the pdf download of slides (or better yet the notes pdf) - If you want a 20-milestone suggestion then contact me and i'll send it to you
    • My recommendation is that in your first whizz through you survey everything I've provided in the swiftest possible time-frame
    • Then you reflect on whats to be covered and your study regime - Eg absorb an hours content do other stuff for a couple of hours then reflect, review, makes notes, refresh for 10 mins, then another hour's input/ pause/ reflect - perhaps this cycle every day for 7 days?

Let me know what else you need by way of support...

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