OR T2 Syllabus Headings

The full syllabus is in the downloads but here are the headings

1.1 p2 principles
1.2 p2 themes' purposes
1.3 process's purpose
1.4 Purpose of seven 'most relevant' management information set(mis)
1.5 p2 key roles
2.1 p2a in a project context
2.2 describe scrum, lean, kanban
2.3 blend and weave
2.4 p2a four roles (C/S-sme & C/S-rep)
3.1 p2 principle in p2a
3.2 agile behaviours
3.3 tailor the p2 themes
3.4 tailor the p2 processes
3.5 tailor the seven mis
3.6 Fix n flex and 5 targets
4.1 Know the vocabulary
4.2 Know some techniques
5 The 4 examined focus areas

NOTE some of the syllabus content is provided by way of the Revision Aids at the end of the curriculum list or the downloads- Eg the glossary. The RAs are in some cases the primary input the first time you go through them - you'll find a download pdf and online quizzes that betwen them tell you everything - RA doesn't mean "this just repeats stuff covered elsewhere" although often it is repeating without explaination what was explained in the videos or the slide notes (or both)