SubSection Zero Slide (Lesson) One: Simon says Welcome

Hello! Welcome.

We start with lesson-1 on slide-1 :-) Click the video if it does not auto_start on your platform.

I hope you like my dramatic 6 seconds at the start.
It is a bit of humour.
I'm sure the fanfare is better saved for your first pay-rise from passing the course :-)

The next two lessons have full details for downloading study notes matched to each video. The first for enrolled students and the second for you if you are a prospective student still unsure about investing your time with us. It is your time and effort that are your most precious resources to spend wisely.

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All the course sub_sections are available as Video, Audio, Animations and Text.

Use each form of access when it best suits your circumstances - eg Audio in the Gym on the spin-cycle?, Text on a plane or the beach?, Streaming-video on wifi enabled commutes or coffee-shops etc.

I think video is the most 'immersive' so easiest to concentrate on. It is for that reason that each video includes a head-shot; so you can maintain eye-contact. Most of our lives we listen to people by seeing them too. There is a lot of detailed content here, lets make it as easy as possible to absorb.

The audio's advantage is it is downloadable, its disadvantage is it refers to the visuals. To follow its visual references download the CourseNotes or CourseSlides or watch the html5 animations.

(You can also access the course materials in book form as pdf epub or mobi >>>Here<<<)

Each Sub-Section's audio download is in its Header-Lesson so that you can study off-line with the narrations and WorkBooks. You DON'T need to do both audio and video - they are 99% the same!

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§0 Course Welcome – 4 units

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List of Course SubSections & Video minutes (from podcast durations)

Achieve PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner Certification and Competency (eLearning Course ONLY) Duration Cumulative
Sub_Section0: Welcome. Lessons 1 to 3 plus Downloads & Disqus 00:19:54 00:19:54
ss1 Introduction & Context. Lessons 4 to 10 00:42:52 01:02:46
ss2 Overview: The Basics. Lesson 11 to 24 00:47:08 01:49:54
ss3: Tailoring PRINCE2 for agile & The PRINCE2® Refresher. L25 to 33 00:33:36 02:23:30
ss4: Fix time & cost. Flex scope & quality to achieve the 5 targets. L34 to 49 00:33:11 02:56:41
ss5: Where agile plug-into PRINCE2. L50 to 54 00:12:45 03:09:26
ss6: Principles & p2a behaviours & p2 themes. L55 to 62 00:18:26 03:27:52
Summary of Part One & Introduction to Part 2: A change of scale; now for the detail. L63 00:08:06 03:35:58
ss7: SU & IP. Getting an agile project going with p2 control. L64 to L68 00:19:50 03:55:48
ss8: Cynefin (Kuh-Nev-In). Assessing complexity. L69 to 73 00:14:14 04:10:02
ss9: The Agile-O-Meter. Assessing the risk of using agile in 'this' environment. L74 to 78 00:09:38 04:19:40
ss10: Business case theme in a prince2agile (p2a) project. L79-84 00:24:16 04:43:56
ss11: Risk theme in p2a. L85 to 87 00:09:47 04:53:43
ss12: Lean start-up in p2a. L88 to 93 00:07:23 05:01:06
ss13: Requirements p2a focus area: user stories and prioritisation. L94 to 103 00:27:36 05:28:42
ss14: Change theme in p2a and feedback loops. L104 to 108 00:12:36 05:41:18
ss15: Organization theme & servant leadership. L109 to 121 00:36:15 06:17:33
ss16: Tailoring the Managing product delivery process in p2a. L122 to 128 00:12:34 06:30:07
ss17: Frequent releases focus area in p2a. L129 to 134 00:08:34 06:38:41
ss18: Scrum theory & practices & artefacts & events in p2a. L135 to 144 00:26:47 07:05:28
ss19: Kanban method in p2a. L145 to 156 00:44:40 07:50:08
ss20: Plans theme and estimating in p2a. L157 to 162 00:14:13 08:04:21
ss21: Progress theme & burn-charts in p2a. L163 to 170 00:16:24 08:20:45
ss22: Quality theme in p2a. L171 to 177 00:22:09 08:42:54
ss23: Controlling a stage process in p2a. L178 to 184 00:19:19 09:02:13
ss24: Stage boundaries process in p2a. L185 to 189 00:08:07 09:10:20
ss25: Closing a project process in p2a. L190 to 194 00:09:49 09:20:09
ss26: Directing a project process in p2a. L195 to 200 00:05:57 09:26:06
ss27: Agile contracts focus area in p2a. L201 & 202 00:06:55 09:33:01
ss28: Information set templates and defined roles in p2a: Appendices A & B. L203 to 205 00:11:15 09:44:16
ss29: Rich communications focus area in p2a. L206 to 212 00:11:58 09:56:14
ss30: Appendix C; Health-check. L213 & 214 00:03:30 09:59:44
ss31: Appendix F & G Transition to p2a and Advice to p2a project managers. L215 to 217 00:05:49 10:05:33
ss32: Course summary. L218 & 219 00:10:46 10:16:19
ss33: Contact details. L220 to 225 00:07:04 10:23:23
ss34: EXAM!! L226 00:02:17 10:25:40
ss35 and ss36: End of course & Who Are Logical Model Ltd? L227 & 228 00:05:00 10:30:40

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