Ss0 s2: What is on your journey to exam success?

So, to repeat, 'cos there is a lot of detail to absorb; All the slide images and the full text of the narrations are included in the downloadable print formats included in §0 Library of Resources and Downloads.

Each course §sub-section's first video (presentation slide) overviews what is coming in that session and its online lesson includes an .mp3 audio file for all the section's lessons as a download.

You can use the Study-Guide with the .mp3 for complete off line learning. There are quizes and other revision aids throughout the materials - more details as we go.

The slides, videos and audio material are all 99% equivalent reformatting of the whole course (EG in an audio "" makes no sense while "...listen..." doesn't work with a pdf.) for your convienience of which medium is most useful when.

The materials are also available in .epub and .mobi and .pdf as a book on Leanpub. If you happy with the minimum study materials this is the cheapest way to study.

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