ss21 s163: §21 Progress theme – in 4 lessons

Now SubSection_21 covers the progress theme.

Progress is a tricky topic because it is estimating from the other side of the mirror. To know status you must have a baseline estimate whose basis is a realistic model of the way the world works.

Most estimates are just numbers (and often fairly random ones too). So here, by being faithful to the p2a manual we are more aligned with the certification goal. We are really exploring the means to do reporting after progress has been established. The source of more complete treatment is our discussions of 'The Definition of Done', Acceptance Criteria and Quality Planning.

Reporting or tracking is by burn-charts and Information Radiator-IRs.

We have 4 lessons, 2 Revision Aids, an Exam Question Analysis (& a quiz)

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§21 Progress theme – 4

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