ss15 s115: Organization 6/9 Project structures

Detailed coverage of roles including the material from Appendix B

Revision Aid Table 10.2 P2 Role Mapping

  • Scrum Master ≈ ►Facilitates planning, ►Coaches team to Monitors & Manage progress, ►Part of Liaison with stakeholders, ►Manages risk and issues, ►Un-involved with acceptance and handover
  • Product Owner ≈ Prioritises products, ►Supports monitoring with clear status, ►Isn't key liaison person, ►Isn't risk manager, ►Is involved in acceptance,
  • Delivery team ≈ Does sprint planning, ►Supports monitoring with clear status, ►Isn't key liaison, ►Isn't risk manager, ►Delivers not accepts at handover

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