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Exam Question Analysis Paper_1 Qn_29

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Additional Text Paper-1 Qn 27 to 38

The current website is very old and only has pictures of the farm, basic details about their cheeses and contact details. It will need to be completely replaced.

There are four Work Packages within this work stream being delivered across four timeboxes:

  1. Ordering: ►Customer account/login ►Subscribe to a newsletter ►Change customer details ►Incorporate new branding ►Cheese search and filter function ►Cheese catalogue download.
  2. Payment: ►Secure payment; ►Payment by credit card/debit card ►Payment by PayPal.
  3. Stock control: ►Update stock levels; ►Notification of low stock ►Expiry date alerts.
  4. The Story of Cheese: ►Incorporating new branding ►History of cheese ►History of Chestertons'.

Two teams are involved in delivering the website. The Story of Cheese Work Package is being delivered by Chestertons'’ own Information Technology (IT) department (the IT Team). They are reasonably good at agile ways of working but have not gained much real life experience as they have been limited, to date, by Chestertons'’ basic website.

The remaining Work Packages are being delivered by an IT website development company that specializes in online sales called Web&Go. They are very experienced with agile ways of working and, in particular, they use Kanban for everything they do. Their office is across the narrow access road near Chestertons'’ new premises.


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