ss21 ra170 Things there are 6 of

This is the end of section_21’s coverage of understanding status through tracking achievement.

Next section_22 covers quality in 3 lessons that explain specifying variable levels of target but always hitting the selected target level. We have a [email protected] Skill_Builder case study and an Exam Question Analysis

Things there are 6 of

  • a) 6 Aspects or project characteristics or performance targets or tolerances or baselines Ch:5.3 (§3) or project variables Ch:6 header
    • Benefits, risk,scope, quality, cost, time
  • b) 6 months in a long term project (sic!) Ch:6.4.1 (§4 s40) last line pg 41
  • c) 6 Core practices of Kanban method Ch: (§19)
    • Visualise, Limit WIP, Manage flow, Make policies explicit, Implement feedback loops, Improve collaboratively & evolve experimentally
  • d) 6 Key areas of the P2agile -Agilometer Ch:Ch24 (§9)
    • Flexibility of what is delivered,
    • Level of collaboration,
    • Ease of communication,
    • Ability to work iteratively and deliver incrementally,
    • Advantageous environmental conditions,
    • Acceptance of agile
  • e) 6 Elements of the INVEST mnemonic Ch: (§13 s96)
    • Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimatable, Small, Testable
  • f) 6 Thinking hats Ch:26 §29 s209
    • White-Information needs,
    • Yellow-Optimism,
    • Black-Devil’s advocate,
    • Red-Intuition,
    • Green-Creativity,
    • Blue-Process

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