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THE END!... of section_35 and the end of our exam coverage and who we are too.

Now perhaps is the time and point in the journey to consider what to cover again for a refresher of the parts that you are less sure about. SubSection headers and other summaries might help target weak spots.

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And with this....

... as they say - "Thats all folks :-)"

Moving on

So what next? Well after your exams are done you should maybe consider that courses like this one are focussed, but also constrained by targets for individual ability to use tools and techniques to exam standard; GREAT for resume/ CV building and personal achievement.

Professional progress in your role will now be to deliver shareholder (or taxpayer) value.
You'll need to create capability around you that courses targeted at individual exam skills have not covered.

Shareholder Return on Investment and taxpayer Value for Money is delivered from skills covered in courses targetted at social, holistic, across the hierarchy understanding of delivering change - I call it Caring for Capital. To take the advanced courses you need the skils you now have. Delivering value stands on the sound foundations of PMP, PRINCE2 and PRICE2 Agile's 'basic-tools and techniques'.

See our full course list(nw).

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