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To practice course content such as techniques and steps I recommend you use your Real World projects. If you don't have a current real need or you want a safe 'sand-pit' to practice in first there is a Fictional Scenario in the case-study workbook.

  • Consolidating training materials into usable skills requires the timely practice of the framework steps, techniques and tools covered.
  • It is when we use the tools to create the deliverables and then review those deliverable that we truly appreciate the relationships between our own, our team’s and our stakeholder’s actions to the quality of outputs created.
  • Review of deliverables helps gauge their fitness for purpose in subsequent procedural steps so informs us about the effort required in preparation and facilitation versus the value of the results achieved.
  • Logical Model Ltd’s Risk course is best translated from knowledge to practitioner competence by repeated long term use on portfolios, programs and projects.
  • Live practice opportunities may not always be timely and it may be that practice on a ‘safe’ fictional example is desirable before attempting live use with reputational or financial consequences. Become confident and fluent through a case-study to avoid faltering unsure use and poor results.
  • So the case study manual presents exercise instructions designed to be applied to either OR BOTH of a fictional Scenario or (and) a real professional in-career need.

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