Video: 1 Hello and Welcome M:0-s1 (+2)

Hello :-)

Scroll past the video to see further comments.

Navigating the course's content is platforms dependant but mostly intuitive. It probably benefits from experimentation but ask if you've a need.

Depending on your settings and the defaults the videos can run on from lesson to lesson or require that you click "Complete and continue" at the top of the screen.

Each Module's first and last lesson and each exercise/ case-study has facilities below the other content (eg videos and text) to make contributions such as exercise answers, module questions or anything else you feel would help you get the most from studying - and you can always eMail me

The slides, in fully animated.hyperlinked html and hyperlinked pdf versions are in the last but one lesson of this module for online - eg mobile - access and the pdf is downloadable for offline access. The last lesson of this module is the Exercise and Case-Study workbook for consolidating knowledge acquisition into skills growth. It is also downloadable.

The biggest challenges to completing a video eLearning course (IMHO) are:

  • engagement - which is why you can make eye-contact with me in every video - and
  • relevance - which is why I encourage you to apply what we cover to a current work-stream or use the in course fictional case-study scenario and
  • finally Momentum - which is easiest if you create routine daily or weekly cadence. If you would like a template milestone-study-diary to help with that then request-it from me in comments or eMail
    (I don't include it in the downloads in order to encourage you to interact - you'll get more value if you interact with me and each other as you take the course and return for reference in the future)

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