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Need swift help to check your intentions creating a business case or calling a risk workshop or another 50 odd topics? What you need is here for one monthly subscription covering everything.

Most topics at two speeds - Masterclasses and Crucial Competencies. Ones as swift as possible and one as comprehensive as possible. Both share Guidance WorkBooks to take you through what to do when you've an in-project (or in-program) need as Project Manager/ Sponsor/ PMO analyst.

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Recent additions/ Coming Soon

  • 18th Aug '20 - CtO - Foundations for Benefits - Beyond Agile, Prince2 and PMBoK-G
    • This course is the foundation for the coming series of 'forget the exams let's properly understand how to CtO Change the Organisation'
  • Aug '20 CtO Analysisng Stakeholders - Beyond Agile, Prince2 and PMBoK-G
  • Running Retrospectives (For Sprint, Project, Program - Including RollingOut as a PMO Service Offering)
    • Like our Risk course this is a two-speed course - Fast-Track "What to do" plus MasterClass in depth "How to" from the same materials so you can get the whole story in under 30mins and then just study the extra bits you need
    • Slides are online from today - I'm about to do the edit! 16:45 16Aug
  • SPPMG: Best of Old and New Planning & Tracking
  • Earned Value Crucial Competencies - 60mins video
  • 2019 Risk Crucial Competencies - 30mins video (Shares the same Guidance workbook to create the Risk Strategy - includes supplement - "What to study to Add PRINCE2 exam prep" and "What to study to Add PMI exam prep")
  • 2019 Risk Master Class - 13hrs video & Workbook,


EXAM Thoughts

We've never been convinced that exam pass equals capability but we 'played the game' of they are the easiest to sell. Reservation about the value is for two reasons. 1) cramming to answer questions that are as daft as the pmi & axelos ones isn't a measure of 'can do the job' and their books chase each other not the knowledge to deliver benefits which is what business need

During 2019 axelos and peoplecert banned accredited training companies from selling 'how-to' training in prince2. From Jan 1st 2020 training sold HAS to include a £200 plus exam - thats a HELL OF A TAX on a course I sold for 10-20 quid. PMI has also added lots of restrictions.

The 'tax' and other restrictions are simply designed to line their pockets at your expense. So now I've dropped the accreditations. They wrote to tell me that at midnight I became thick and ignorant. Strangely I've not lost those 40years of experience applying and developing skills in how to enable benefits

My old materials - minus their licensed elements are here for 'free access' within the whole £5/mth bundle

I understand that if your starting a career then an accreditation can be useful so I hope my old materials are of use. Many tell me they always were a cut above many other offering and now you can judge for about the cost of a coffee and muffin

All our courses for a single monthly fee.

Want a topic or template that isn't here? Message us and if its within our skill-set (and available time!) we'll add it for you with-in the monthly subscription.

Courses Included with Purchase

PRINCE2® 2017 Ace Your Exams and Way-Beyond
What you need to understand & use P2-2017 to Competent Practitioner Level (More than just the exam syllabus)
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Basic PM (what a *pre*-PMBoK-G 7th Student for PMP [and CAPM]) Exam Prep needs to understand
JUST THE SLIDE DECK - From upcomming "MORE than you need to pass the CAPM and PMP exams - Pre-REP application Draft"
Simon Harris
How to Read the PMBoK-Guide® Leveraging your CAPM® or PMP® Self-Study
Get the Most 'Bang' per hour of study by Understanding the PMBoK-G's hidden structure a simple logic before you start your study
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
PMP® Exam Preparation - 6th Edition place-holder
Everything you need to know to pass the PMP® Exam
Simon Harris
Leading a project from a day-job
"Hey! I have a real job, how come I get to run a project too (and anyway, what does that mean? How do i do it?)"
Simon Harris
MasterClass: Risk for Portfolio, Program, Project and PMO Leaders, Managers and Analysts - From unAware to Highly Capable...
'Book-ish' risk says "If I flip a coin p% is 50/50" REAL project risk is 95% Perception, Emotion, Judgement<br>Just 5% arithmetic<br>A course with the full 100%
Simon Harris
Project Manager and PMO Analyst's Guide to Oversight of Quality - FREE Access to Pre-Release Slides
Or Sign-up now and Lock-In-Pre-Release Price<br>What project & pmo managers need to know about quality (a practitioner's beyond the text books perspective)
Simon Harris
Estimating Techniques for Agile Projects, Cake Baking, Heavy Engineering and anything in between
~~Curently Free Preview~~ SeeBelow ~~Or Lock-In the Pre-Recording price NOW<br>How to estimate **ACCURATELY**, instantly and at any time
Simon Harris
LML's Competency Assessment and Development FrameWork for Transformational Leaders
What next after project management competency? Delivering the change that generates the benefits
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
What Are Portfolios, Programs and Projects & How do they fit together?
A FREE course putting Pfs, Pgs & Pjs in context with business and operations
Simon Harris
Leading Complex Projects - Free Preview available
Techniques from Complex Adaptive Systems integrated wit the best of Agile, PMBoK and PRINCE
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Leading and Managing for Outcomes & Benefits
Advanced tools, techniques, framework, mindset and more for delivering change in organisations via projects, programs and portfolios
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Project Management; Best of the Best Thinking
Real-World project management combining the best of approaches from many sources
Simon Harris
Diagnosing and Fixing Troubled Projects
Recovering or closing troubled projects
Simon Harris
Governance of Portfolio, Programme and Project
Insight, tools and techniques for those with duties of oversight of projects and programmes - Care of Portfolios
Simon Harris
Study to take the exams - but we don't offer them any more
Simon Harris
Foundation RevisionAids and Quizzes (for the prince agile manual)
p2-Agile Facts, Lists, and Quizzes
Simon Harris
PRINCE2-Agile® Practitioner eLearning (Omits exam)
<strong>Everything* you need to <italic>prepare</italic> for PRINCE2-Agile practitioner exam <br> [Select / Scroll down for extensive free previews]</strong>
Simon Harris
p2:s6 PRINCE2® 2017 [email protected]™ - Course Section 6
s6: BackWork™ Exercises for using PRINCE2 2017 in the Real World
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Earned Value, Velocity and BurnCharts
Everything you need to Truly Track Project Achievement
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Microsoft Project from ZERO to Earned Value - See Free PreView Below
From NO knowledge of project management to using MS-Project with Earned Value Reporting
Simon Harris
LfE; Insights for Learning From Experience
Translating Observation to Future Action
Simon Harris
PRINCE2 2017 Training Course Materials
Full Slides and workbook pre-sales free access IN RETURN for feedback
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
p2_2017-QxS-9I Two extra questions from each of all 15 syllabus areas Set 9 & I
Confidence boosting Extra Questions for PRINCE2-2017 exams 15 in practice mode and 15 in exam against-the-clock mode
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
p2_2017_f BC Extra Questions
Confidence boosting Extra Questions for PRINCE2-2017 Business Case FOUNDATION
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Introduction to PRINCE2-Agile
A taster of the new guidance from axelos on tailoring p2 with agile
Simon Harris
MasterClass in Communications For PMO and Projects
Techniques, Tools and Concepts for Communications
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Building The Best Business Plans and Business Cases
Framework, procedures, techniques, tools and templates for creating the best possible Business Plans and Business Cases
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Risk - Crucial Competencies in under 30 minutes
Fast-Track - Managing Risk in Project, Programs and Portfolios for Managers , Sponsor, Leaders, Facilitators and PMO Analysts
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Best of Old and New Planning and Tracking
A short workshop on planning and tracking project based change
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Running Retrospectives for Sprints, Projects and Programs - And Rolling out the Capability as a PMO
A Logical Model 2Speed course: Fast track "What to do"+ Master Class in depth How to Do based on the same Workbook - Just cherry pick the extra that you need
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Change The Organisation - Stakeholder Analysis - BEYOND Agile, PRINCE2 and PMBoK-Guide Project Management
CtO: Identifying and Assessing Stakeholders In Preparation For Great Communications
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D

Price of Individual Items: £1,593

Your Instructor

Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D
Simon Harris, CGEIT, PMP, PRINCE2-Agile, IPMA-D

Hi everyone

I've been involved in projects for 30 years and have taken many roles in project, programs and 'pmos'.

"Simon is a PMP (Project Management Professional) certified by the Project Management Institute and also holds ISACA’s CGEIT (The Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT) qualification, the IPMA's (International Project Management Association's) IPMA-D qualification, PRINCE2 Agile® practitioner and is an ex-PRINCE2® examiner (when the qualification was essay rather than the current multiple-choice basis) and previously held registration as a Management of Risk practitioner. Simon has worked in projects since the start of the 1980s; the last 25+ years as contractor or consultant. Client's projects have ranged from the small to the massive in sectors ranging from construction, defence, government, oil and gas, utilities, banking and not-for-profit.

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P.S. maybe you'd like to do our risk management masterclass companion to our Fast-Track risk course. (Both are included in our £5 bundle subscription.) I'm confident no-one else's project risk management has the content ours does. Others pretend risk is impact times probability of a single event single outcome chain. Niave in the extreme but common in text books.