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PRINCE2-Agile® Exam Preparation
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AXELOS publish PRINCE2-Agile guidance and a linked, globally valued Practitioner Exam.

Prince2-Agile is great insight for better projects in any and every industry - Agile for Engineering, Business change and any other context (not just IT)

PLUS the qualification is a great career boost and a corporate advantage in bid responses.

PRINCE2-Agile (p2a) guides in practical terms how to get the best of two heritages. Agile >>Delivery << using proven behaviours, concepts, techniques and frameworks in a lightweight blend with PRINCE2®'s>>Control<< capabilities.

Prepare on-line, whenever suits you. Take the globally recognised exams with us; on-line whenever suits you.

To be eligible for the p2a exam you must already hold a recognised project management credential from this list
{PMP®, CAPM®, PRINCE2® Foundation or higher, IPMA-A -B -C or -D}

(PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Ltd, PRINCE2 Agile® is a registered trademark of AXELOS LTD).

Your Instructor

Simon Harris
Simon Harris


I'm Simon, I've been using Complex Adaptive Systems and Agile concepts in IT and non-IT settings for a decade or more, doing projects for 30+ years and teaching project management for 20-plus.

I live in Edinburgh Scotland with my wife and two adult kids

Im a member of the Outcome Delivery Network sharing new, holistic thinking on achieving project success. I run an AXELOS "Accredited Training Organisation" which means I can book you onto their PRINCE2 and PRINCE2Agile exams for @Home exams anytime - Exam Booking details

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  Summary of Part One & Introduction to Part 2 - A change of scale; now for the detail 8mins
Available in days
days after you enroll
  ss27: Agile contracts focus area in p2a 6mins
Available in days
days after you enroll
  ss28: Information set templates and defined roles in p2a - Appendices A & B 11mins
Available in days
days after you enroll
  ss34: EXAM!! 2mins
Available in days
days after you enroll
  ss35 and ss36: End of course & Who Are Logical Model Ltd? 5mins
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the exam preperation instructor supported?

Yep :-), fully supported. eMail [email protected] NOW if you want Simon's help. Use the disqus forum in the course too.

Why might I want an exam course?

The exam independently confirms you understand the material in a way that may positively sway clients and employer's decision making.

Is the course worth it if I'm convinced "the exam is not for me"?

I think so but maybe I'm biased. I've made lots of the course accessible as preview so you can gauge for your self.
Its true that the course is focussed on the exam so that means it explains the manual's view of things. It also means where I can extend the manual's insights I give sign-posts that link to resources rather than cover it here and where I disagree with the manual then mostly I don't voice the disagreement, to avoid exam confusion. I hope it's the best of both worlds; clear exam guidance plus where to look for added-value when making [email protected]™ use.

The course teaches how to use agile frameworks, tools, techniques and mindset in non-IT (and IT but not just IT) contexts for use [email protected]

We aim to make the course valuable even if the exam isn't your goal, but we also know that an exam aspiration sharpens your focus and resolve.

What do I get?
You get the spirit and concepts of agile and prince2 explained by an experienced PM and experienced PM trainer.

The skills to use the manual's contents just does not come off the page of the official manual. The manual isn't a training aid but this course is! Our training is what you need for confident, real world, post-exam use of p2 & agile.

You get guidance in interpreting the exam questions - they are tough - you might say "well he would say that, wouldn't he?" so there are a few examples for you to try on our website. [[See {{Here}} ]]

You get 2 full practice exams from the authoring team that sets the live exams. I recommend saving one to near course end but that is your choice. We give you plenty of challenging, additional questions, quizzes and revision aids, puzzles, games, audio/ pod-casts etc etc to suit turning dead-time into study time.

You get our unique Extra Quiz Questions - See the course outline above and also see Our Website

You get a self-help community of other people preparing and sharing their successes, questions and concerns - it helps to see others solving the exact same conundrums you face as you prepare and it feels good to share your answers and questions with them.

You get Simon's support every step of the way.

Do I need the AXELOS official manual for the exam?

The official answer is Yes. [But...

We have tried really hard to make the course comprehensive - that's obvious right? Why would anyone sell a course whose main message is you have to read some other book - Amazingly that is other training company's standard approach!

Its all explained in the preview free-to-view videos before you have to make any commitment :-) ]]

Where can I get the Official Manual?

We offer it at a substantial discount - See *IF* you want the official manual (it is permissible note-paper in the exam!). We believe we are cheapest, tell us if we are not mailto:[email protected]?subject=Cheaper P2A Manual

Does the course cost include the exam fee and the official manual?

If you want - We have a course only option and a course and exam bundle! and an exam only option! and we will happily sell you any of the TSO best practice guides at a good discount (I've still got to put the £69 price and the P&P bit into the shop - best to call +44 (0) 84 52 57 57 07 as of 6 Dec 15 :-)

When you subscribe to our course we become your sponsoring ATO. The exam can only be booked on your behalf by your 'Sponsoring ATO'. Accredited Training Organisation. ATOs are appointed by Examining Institutes appointed by AXELOS. We are full accredited. Buy the exam from us >>Here<< .

To buy just the course you can use the eLearning platform's check-out lane. To buy the course AND exam (& official manual?) as a bundle or exam only / manual only you will have to purchase via the shop check-out-lane at or call +44 (0) 84 52 57 57 07
Why would I want your course?

Now I really am biased :-) The simple answer is it is the best. OK you may say "how so?" Well I suggest the best evidence is if you go look at the free access preview, then check what others offer at what price then decide for your self. Here are a few pointers to evaluate all your options against:

  1. I've scoured the official manual to ensure everything that can be questioned is mentioned in the narrations and revision aids. This way you don't have to spend the extra money and extra time on yet another source
  2. We provide our narrations as text and audio as well as linked to slide animations. You can read in the bath or listen on a spin-cycle in the gym?
  3. We made sure our narrations are loud enough to listen to in a train, plane, bus, car etc so otherwise dead-time is useful time
  4. Our slides add animations to all the process slides axelos provide. Our unique illustrations of how procedures really work, Not just a picture but animated processes
  5. Once upon a time I was a P2 examiner. I've used the insight to show you how to decode questions across every section of the course
  6. Did we mention that we added the structuring to make the core topics into bite-sized chunks?
  7. There is a lot more besides - if you go take a tour it is the best way for you to judge. If you spot something you want added or subtracted then tell us. We will do our best to comply
  8. Last point - we care, we are here, we will respond
What are your other courses?

Good question! :-) We believe that exam courses establish knowledge foundations upon which to grow capability beyond the exam's syllabus. So our courses include exam courses (prince2, p2-agile, pmp) but much more besides.

All Our Courses

How long do I have access to the course?

Subscriptions run for one month or one year and roll-over automtically until you've had as much access as you need and stop them

Outright purchases last forever

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy so we offer plenty of "try-before-you-buy" free access materials.

An important part of passing exam credential courses, particularly eLearning ones is that you make the personal commitment. We ask you to only buy when you've made your decision. Then know we and you are both fully focused on your success from then on.

We do not offer money back options because when you sign-up with "well I can always change my mind" as your justification there is a weakening to the resolve that is necessary for success - That is not in your best interest if you are to swiftly progress and pass exams.

Other provider's "Money back" guarantees are a way of appearing to reducing 'purchasing risk' by seemingg to to transfer the impact from you to them BUT...

They are common because they use the psychology of regret that recognises you can't get your time back AND asking for a refund implies telling your self "I made a bad choice".

Both reinforce a "I would not have chosen if i knew then what i know now BUT I'll keep going because now it will be a hassle to start again." The likely outcome is your involvement drags on you, progress is slow and may halt entirely.

So please enjoy the free-access materials and confirm we are a good fit and then make your commitment.

Ultimately if you've a genuine reason that is not simply trying to game-the-system then talk to us - we are people too, and we try to be reasonable.

[email protected]

P.S. maybe you'd like to do our risk management masterclass companion to our Fast-Track risk course. (Both are included in our £5 bundle subscription.) I'm confident no-one else's project risk management has the content ours does. Others pretend risk is impact times probability of a single event single outcome chain. Niave in the extreme but common in text books.

When does the course start and finish?

Start is as soon as you're enrolled. End may be never, otherwise it is at th eend of the period in which you decide to end your subscription.


This course is closed for enrollment.