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The exams are TOUGH!

Tough for several reasons.

  • They require recall that takes repetition to build up
  • They require that you can separate out similar terms - that needs contrasting and comparing ( and repetition)
  • They require close attention to detail
  • They require understanding of the glossary of terms

So here are multiple ways to address all you needs.

Modern research shows a few fallacies in the way most people study and how most teachers - including in universities! - teach. Repeated practice of the same thing has strong IMMEDIATE correlation to recall and almost no effect on lasting recall. So what feels and tests as 'pleasing' is only a short lived positive. The harder the (study and) recall is to perform the more long-term benefit it has but the less short term reinforcement and so the less intuitive 'this seems right' feedback.

Here are a bunch of revision aids that might not feel as rewarding as you want themn to feel but he research says this medicine is doing you good!

Also research now shows that embedded long-term recall is material to ability to apply, particularly when application requires interpretation and adaptation to circumstances that are different from the originally learnt context and content.

Your best study regime is to mix-up the revision modes. Practice different topics one after another NOT the same topic over an over. Leave gaps between study and revision so short-term memory fades and revision is NOT from short-term (electrical) storage but from longer term (chemical?) storage.

In revision work through recall with the minimum of prompts - drag whats in your sub-conscious back into your conscious by grabbing any memory artefact you can and then expanding along "Did next", "That links to", "The diagram was... and another picture was...", "People involed are/ do/ tested by...".

The more the RevAids make you think and the more you recall on your own the more recall momentum you'll build and the more ability for both exam questions and the real world application that you'll develop

If you need more share your needs and I may be able to create you something to match :-)


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Hi Simon

In case you don't get updates direct from PeopleCert, I took and passed the exam today (86% apparently) which I am thrilled about!

I wanted to thank you and compliment you again on your excellent training materials - the web tutorials were spot on and covered the subject areas really well and in an easy to digest way. All the revision aids, notes and test papers were extremely helpful to cement and add to the knowledge from the videos. In fact, I found I was spoilt for choice during the revision stage as there was so much available to use! In the end, I found that I used most items but to cover different needs and at different stages of the learning eg. the flash cards I found particularly useful nearer the exam as a way of repeating and recovering the content quickly.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone - whether they are new to Prince2 , revisiting it or looking purely for the Agile application. I am confident that anyone would get what they wanted from the course.

Many thanks


Your Instructor

Simon Harris
Simon Harris


I'm Simon, I've been using Complex Adaptive Systems and Agile concepts in IT and non-IT settings for a decade or more, doing projects for 30+ years and teaching project management for 20-plus.

I live in Edinburgh Scotland with my wife and two adult kids

Im a member of the Outcome Delivery Network sharing new, holistic thinking on achieving project success. I run an AXELOS "Accredited Training Organisation" which means I can book you onto their PRINCE2 and PRINCE2Agile exams for @Home exams anytime - Exam Booking details

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P.S. maybe you'd like to do our risk management masterclass companion to our Fast-Track risk course. (Both are included in our £5 bundle subscription.) I'm confident no-one else's project risk management has the content ours does. Others pretend risk is impact times probability of a single event single outcome chain. Niave in the extreme but common in text books.


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