MasterClass: Risk for Portfolio, Program, Project and PMO Leaders, Managers and Analysts - From unAware to Highly Capable...

'Book-ish' risk says "If I flip a coin p% is 50/50" REAL project risk is 95% Perception, Emotion, Judgement
Just 5% arithmetic
A course with the full 100%

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Risk MasterClass

  • Our in-depth masterclass contains 13 hours of video instructor-led guidance on techniques and tools
  • A companion to our Fast Track Risk - Crucial Competencies. Start there if all you need is structure start or return here if you need detailed 'How-To'
  • Both are Real-World oriented. Both use the same slides and same Guidance workbook to take you step-by-step through creating a Risk Management Strategy, Risk Aware teams, Risk inclusive Business Case, Backlogs and Baselines.
  • Deeper and broader than exam coverage but exam compatible.

If you facilitate risk management, manage risk in a project, program, portfolio (or even in operations) or have PMO oversight duties or you have an investment where you need others to be risk aware and competent this is the course for you over all others with a similar title.

Bold claim! why? Well every other course I know says a risk is event and outcome with probability and if we multiply them we get expected value. This course says "that is so naive as to be largely useless. What we need is to recognise the complexity of multiple causes, multiple consequences each seen differently by each stakeholder and be equal to people's self-interests, to risk sharing contract types, to integrating provision for issues (sic) into the baseline of day to day activities and final investment appraisal across mixed predictive and adaptive, iterative development methods in matched to what ever our industry's norms are from nuclear to food and pharma, software, defence, petrochemicals etc"

Project participants and PMO staff with Risk Oversight roles facilitating or managing the risk process and investors owning the risks need to know the blend of roles, procedures, techniques and tools and "what to watch-out-for". This course covers it with greater insight, depth and breadth.

The 'standard texts (PMBoK-G, PRINCE2, MoR etc) just don't cover it. Their authors copy each other. Once one got side tracked and forgot to tell us (if the ever really knew) HOW to do the Risk management job in the messy reality of a day-job so all the others followed with the same shallow advice. Somewhere they got confused into thinking that numbers are significant. Mostly they aren't (but always people are) - Watch the intro video to get deeper exposure to better perspectives than the mainstream majority textbooks just repeat parrot fashion without thinking "how do we get better?"

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  Module 12: Summary of Journey So Far and Now A Change of Direction M:12 v109, s116-118, 8mins
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  Module 16: Planning Risk Management M:16, v141, s154-156, 9mins
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days after you enroll
  Module 17: Course Summary and Conclusions M:17, v142, s157-158, 6mins
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Simon Harris
Simon Harris


I'm Simon, I've been using Complex Adaptive Systems and Agile concepts in IT and non-IT settings for a decade or more, doing projects for 30+ years and teaching project management for 20-plus.

I live in Edinburgh Scotland with my wife and two adult kids

Im a member of the Outcome Delivery Network sharing new, holistic thinking on achieving project success. I run an AXELOS "Accredited Training Organisation" which means I can book you onto their PRINCE2 and PRINCE2Agile exams for @Home exams anytime - Exam Booking details

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P.S. maybe you'd like to do our risk management masterclass companion to our Fast-Track risk course. (Both are included in our £5 bundle subscription.) I'm confident no-one else's project risk management has the content ours does. Others pretend risk is impact times probability of a single event single outcome chain. Niave in the extreme but common in text books.